Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to Insulate Windows with Clear Plastic Film

In our quest to stay warm this winter in the RV, we insulated the bedroom windows with bubble wrap insulation .  I really didn't want to insulate all of the windows that way, because it is nice to have some sunlight shining in whenever possible.  So, we opted for clear plastic insulation on the other windows in the RV.  We bought a window insulation kit .

Here's how to install it in an RV......

1. Remove any blinds and window valances so you have clear access to the window.

Our window valance has screws that attach it to the cabinets above

(Our blinds have a clip that you open on each side.  Then just remove the blind.)
2.  Apply double-sided tape around the outer edge of the window frame. 

3.  Press firmly - wait 15 minutes to make sure the tape adheres securely.

4. Unfold the film and lay it out, allowing at least 1 inch of overhang on all sides.

5. Remove the backing paper from the tape across the top of the window frame.

6. Hold the plastic film at both upper corners and apply it to the tape.

7. Remove the backing paper along the sides.

8. Press the film firmly to the sides and smooth out the surface to remove excess wrinkles.

9. Remove the backing paper from the tape at the bottom of the window frame.

10. Firmly apply the film to the bottom of the window frame.

11. Starting at the corner, move a hair dryer on high slowly across the film until all the wrinkles have disappeared.  Be careful not to get the dryer too close to the plastic or it will melt.

12. Use a razor blade to trim the excess film.

13. Replace your blinds and valance.

VoilĂ .  You are done!
Frost King V75H Shrink Window Kit 62-Inch by 210-Inch, Clear

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