Sunday, December 14, 2014


Back in September, we bought a mini dehumidifier.  But, we had to return it because it didn't really work well enough.  Since then, we have just been waiting to see if we really needed one or not.  But, when we got all the rain this week, it really started smelling musty in here.  So, we decided to go ahead and buy one.  I did a lot of research and all of the mini ones use Peltier Technology.  Chad is convinced it just doesn't work that well.  Plus, the reviews aren't that great either.  So, the smallest one we found of the conventional ones was a 30 pint model.  We found a spot for it where it won't be in our way.  And, after two hours of running it, there was already an inch of water in the bottom.  After three more hours, there was another inch of water in the bottom.

We put the dehumidifier in our entryway

This dehumidifier has a control pad where you can set the humidity level.  When we started up the dehumidifier, there was 50% humidity in the air.   After, running it for about 5 hours, the humidity in the air was down to 40%.  When we started, there was condensation on most of the windows, and water was literally dripping down the windshield in the front of the RV.  The next morning that condensation had stopped dripping.  And, the dehumidifier was half full.  When we returned home in the evening, it was half full again.  And, there was minimal condensation on the windshield.  We also opened up all the cabinets that had gotten wet inside from the roof leaking so they can air out and the dehumidifier can draw any remaining moisture out.  Just want to make sure we don't get any mold growing in here.

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