Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More leaks

Today we had very heavy rain.  So, when we got home to the RV we checked out the leak over the bed.  It is still leaking just like before.  Chad can't find any indication on the roof of where the water is coming in either.

We also confirmed that there is a definite leak in the back of the RV, along the window ledge.  We thought perhaps it was condensation during the last rain.  But, it's just way too much water for that.  It is dripping down from the window.  We will check into it.  We have towels down for that now too.

Towels along the ledge in our bedroom
 We also found another roof leak above one of the cabinets, very close to the first roof leak we found.  However, this is dripping down in front of the cabinet, not inside it.  So, it is a different leak.

Water Dripping

Leak is above this cabinet

Water drips down on the seat cushion in the dining area
We also found water inside another cabinet.  I can't even tell where that water leaked from, but it's probably connected to the leak over the driver's area because it is a cabinet right next to that area.  We will have to go through and check all the cabinets.

So, at this point you may be wondering how we are doing with all of these inconveniences.  We love our RV life in spite of the little challenges.  We knew that everything would not be perfect buying an older RV.  But, it is definitely our home now - we feel "at home".  And, the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences.  Plus, all of this is an adventure for us.  We are having fun.

We are supposed to get more rain & snow tomorrow, so we will see how that goes...

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