About Us

Welcome to Our RV Life!  Our names are Chad & Bambi Meunier.  Our RV blog is a good way to keep our family and friends updated on our whereabouts.  But, we also hope that it will help others who are thinking about the RV lifestyle by seeing what the RV life is really like.  We're also including lots of tips and information about what we've done to modify and repair our RV.  We also welcome any suggestions you may have for us - we are learning a lot as we go.
We just moved into our RV at the end of August, 2014.  Chad is from NY and Bambi is originally from Virginia.  Bambi grew up Rving with her family on vacations.  And, she lived in an RV while volunteering on a construction project when she was 18.  So, the RV lifestyle is not new to her.  But, now we are Rving together.  We actually talked about doing this before we got married in late September, 2013.  So, we are thrilled that less than a year later, it became a reality.  Unlike most Rvers, we are not retired.  So, much of our Rving revolves around our work or volunteering.

Chad is an auto mechanic which comes in very handy with our 1987 RV because he can pretty much fix anything.  His dad also owns a construction company, so Chad learned how to do all types of construction.  Bambi's dad taught her land surveying, so usually we do that for work.  But, we are always willing to try new things.  Not good to keep all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

We truly believe that life is what you make of it.  And, we are really enjoying our simpler life which gives us more time to help others.  We love having our home with us wherever we go.  No packing!!

We also love cooking together, and Chad is a very good cook.  So, we are including some of our favorite recipes here.  And, on Fridays, we post a gluten free recipe.

Please join us on our RV adventure - in our 1987 Mallard Motorhome.

Also, see How it all started.


  1. we are jealous! i hope we are not too old to get on the road

    1. They always say...there's no time like the present.
      And, you'll never know until you try it.
      Hope it works out well for you.