Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cold Weather RVing - The Blanket Fort

We have been getting creative to make sure that we stay warm in the RV this winter.  We've already done much to prevent as much heat loss as we can by covering the windows with insulation.  Being in the front of the RV was always much colder than the back.  and, we also noticed condensation dripping down the wall from the windows.  There's a lot of heat loss from the front windshield.  So, we decided to seal off the front area with a blanket fort. When we first set it up, we immediately felt warmer.  There was no longer a cold draft coming in.  And, then we watched the thermometer on the thermostat.  It increased another degree every couple of minutes.  It keeps the RV about 10 degrees warmer.  the condensation also stopped dripping down from the windows.  So, our tip for today is to seal off any areas where you feel cold air drafting in.

The blanket fort

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