Thursday, December 25, 2014

Somerville, MA near Boston

(Photo of Boston from wikipedia)
This week we found ourselves in Somerville, MA near Boston.  We went up there to work on a volunteer construction project doing spray foam insulation.  We were sad to leave the RV this time.  We were not able to find a place to park it because the project was in the city.  

We did make a few preparations in order to leave the RV unattended.  Lots of rain was in the forecast, so we left towels around in key locations where the roof has been leaking.  We also left the gas valve open to the RV's internal propane tank in case our small grill tank ran out of propane.  We left the thermostat on 40 degrees so that the pipes would not freeze.  We also added salt to the holding tanks.

We did also take some time this trip to do a couple fun things while we were there.  Chad took me to see our first movie since we have been married.  :-)  We went to see The Penguins of Madagascar.  We liked it - it is cute.

Our friends who were with us also discovered a great burger place!  We love burgers, and we usually like to try out any new places we find.  This one is called Boston Burger Company.  They have lots & lots of different burger combinations.

The fries there are amazing.  We ordered the garlic parmesan fries.

We came home last night to wet towels from the roof still leaking.  :-(  There was no dripping in the table area, though.  So, our roof coating fix must have helped some.  However, the inside of the cabinets on the right side of the RV was still wet.  So, we still have issues in the front and rear of the RV.  Since our roof coating didn't completely get rid of the leaks, it must be coming from somewhere else, perhaps the awning.....more investigation is required.  We are so thankful that we bought the dehumidifier!  It's doing a great job of removing all the extra moisture now in here.

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