Monday, December 1, 2014

Snow melting revealed another roof leak in the RV

Yesterday, the weather warmed up and the snow on the RV's roof started melting.  Some of it broke off in big chunks and made some loud noises which startled me during the night.  By the way, the night before it snowed, there were animals, which we think were squirrels, running back and forth across the roof at around 4 a.m.  It sounded like they were trying to break in, but of course, they were not.  It was just weird.

Anyway, we noticed lots of dripping in the ceiling above where the driver sits.  You can see the spots from the water in this picture. 

Chad examined the roof in this area and found a tiny hole.  So, he put silicone on it.  Hopefully, it won't leak again, but we'll find out for sure the next time it snows lol. 

We still have snow on the ground, but not sure for how long.  Although....they are calling for possible snow showers tomorrow, so we will keep you all "posted" on that.  :-)

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