Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to Install New Light fixtures in an RV

We had some issues with the RV light fixtures that we bought a couple months ago.  We bought several of the Camco 41320 12V Double Dome Light Replacement fixtures.  But, we noticed that the bulbs tend to get too hot and melt the plastic cover as seen here...

And, then, the switch blew out and quit working altogether on the fixture we had over the kitchen sink.  I supposed these fixtures are just not durable enough for everyday use.  So...we decided to replace them with new LED fixtures .  These will use less electricity too.  We just installed them today.  They are very good quality and are bright.  Will keep you all posted, though, if we run into any issues with them.

Here's how to install new RV light fixtures...

Remove the plastic cover and screws

Pull off the wire nuts and disconnect the wires.
Twist together the new wires.  Connect positive with positive (white) and negative with negative (usually black).

Add the wire nuts.

Screw the new fixture into place.

Add the plastic covers.
   Diamond Group 52430 White Double Led Dome Light

Update - The Diamond Group Light Fixture didn't work out so well for us - the LEDs burned out really fast, click here to see the new fixture we are happy with.

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