Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Braving the cold in the RV

This week our RV life takes us back down to Greenwich, CT where we have more surveying work.  The weather delayed us a little - ice / rain on Monday and heavy winds yesterday.  So, we waited until this morning to move the RV. It has gotten much colder this week too.  Since we do land surveying, we are outside a lot.  We have to bundle up good.

Dressed for the cold / wind
Yesterday the forecast was calling for the temperatures to be mostly in the mid 20's.  But, fortunately, it stayed around 30 degrees most of the day.  So, I didn't have to keep wearing quite as many clothes as you see pictured here. 

Parked in Greenwich, CT

Ice on the inside of the windshield this morning.
 We have been concerned about the liquids in our holding tanks freezing.  So, Chad did some research and decided to put rock salt in the tanks. Seems to be working so far...

Adding warm water to the tub to dissolve the salt.
P.S. I have stayed much warmer when working outside by wearing Under Armour  and a faux fur hat.

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