Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to grease wheel bearings

Chad has been doing more maintenance work on the RV.  Today he greased the front wheel bearings.  This is important to do every 6 years or 50,000 miles.  It would be the same for a truck as well.  It's usually recommended for trailers to have them done more often, every 10-15,000 miles.  If you don't maintain this, the wheel could fall off.

Here's how to grease wheel bearings....

First, remove the wheel .  

Remove the brake caliper.

Remove the hub.

The wheel bearings are inside the hub.  The grease goes inside.

The old grease here is clumpy.  It is in dire need of being replaced.

Remove the seal.

The old oil is clumpy.
 Remove the bearings.

Clean the old grease off the bearings using gas or similar solvent.

The cleaned bearings

 Inspect bearings for signs of damage. Replace if needed.
Pack the cleaned bearings with new grease back inside the hub and add new grease inside.

Replace the old seal with a new seal.

Replace the brake caliper and wheel hub.
Torque the hub nut to 25 foot pounds. This puts a preload on the bearings. Undo the castle nut until you can put the cotter pin in. Check your end play. The assembly should spin freely.

Replace the wheel.

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