Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Thermostat Install for our RV

 Our RV had an old mechanical thermostat.  The problem with those is that you will usually feel too hot or too cold.  That's because the response time is way too low.  So...we decided to install a new digital one.  It is working very well.  This way we will also be able to conserve propane.

 And, it was easy to install.  Chad followed the directions that came with the thermostat - takes about 15 min or less.

It's also really nice to know what the temperature is inside the RV.  This morning when we woke up it was 46 degrees, but it was 37 degrees outside.  So, we just flipped the heat on and in about 10 minutes, it was 60 degrees.  We are supplementing with electric heat, using two Comfort Zone Multi Purpose Ceramic Heater CZ442WM.  They are small but do a really good job of keeping us warm.  They also have a nice safety feature so that if they are tipped over they will shut off.

This morning it is also very, very windy.  It feels like we are being rocked in an RV cradle by the wind lol.  And, that's in spite of having a garage on one side of us and Chad's mom's truck on the other side of us.  We can tell that the M-D Building Products 1025 All-Climate Auto and Marine 17-Feet Weather Seal Strip, Black we put around the door is working and also the insulation we put over the windows.  Thankfully, we don't feel any drafts. 

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