Monday, December 8, 2014

Roof Leak is back

We got slammed with so much rain Friday evening and continued all day Saturday.  And, unfortunately, the roof leak is back above the driver's area.  This time it was worse than the last time, it was dripping in at least two distinct spots.  We used towels to absorb all the water.  So, today Chad used white silicone again to try to seal up the leak. Unfortunately, he couldn't find any indication on the RV roof of any area that could be leaking.  So, he put white silicone along the whole seam in that area of the roof.

In the picture you can see the water spots the leak created.  The blankets are there because we created a blanket fort with them to create a weather seal to keep the cold out that pours in off the windows in the front of the RV.  (More about that later.)

By the way, the first roof leak we found is definitely not leaking.  So, that's good news.

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