Friday, September 12, 2014

Our RV Life - How it all started

My husband & I were looking for an RV because we wanted to simplify our life & cut our expenses.  Our goal is to spend more time doing the things we love, especially volunteering our time to help others.
We finally found a 1987 Mallard Sprinter on Craigslist.  It has a Chevy 454 Big block engine with 101K miles.  And, it is built on a school bus chassis.  We found a really good deal. We acquired it on July 16, 2014.
Here are a few pictures of what it looked like when we bought it.

This is a vanity.  It folds up with a mirror and compartment underneath.

Not bad, right? 
The first owner took really good care of it.  But, he passed away and then his kids kept it in a barn for a few years before they sold it.  We estimate that it was sitting for 4-5 years by the time we bought it.  It has 101K miles on the motor.  They used it a lot, even drove it to Alaska from NY.


  1. It's true that RVs can be both luxurious and practical. Traveling in an RV must be one of the best ways to get around and experience different places. What's amazing is that you've mechanized your RV in ways that transcend its utility; by making it a means with which to fulfill your dreams, and help others fulfill theirs. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers!

    Cristina Hamilton @ Mount Comfort RV

  2. Sounds like a well loved RV with tons of adventure in it! Have fun and Welcome to RVing Live The Dream!