Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our maiden "voyage"

Yay!! Our first trip. 
September 17, 2014 We did a test drive loop this morning to make sure nothing was wrong.  The transmission fluid temperature was 150. Previously, it was over 200. The coolant temp was at a steady 200.  The engine sounded good.

When we returned home, we checked for leaks.  There was just one small drip of transmission fluid.  Probably nothing.

So, we are off.  Chad's parents are joining us in their camper.  Looking forward to a fun weekend.  We are going to the Adirondacks - a journey of 206 miles.  Left at about 10:30 a.m.

Our first checkpoint 

We stopped about 25 miles up the road to fill up with gas & check everything out.  Everything looks good.

Our first big hill. Looking good.

We went another 20 miles and stopped again to check over everything.  Bummer the radiator leak is back.  Guess we will be buying a new radiator when we get back.  It's not a really bad leak, so it should be fine for now.

Getting on the interstate
Crossing the Hudson River

We stopped at a rest area for lunch north of Albany.  We noticed some water dripping out in the back of the RV.  Upon investigation, gallons of water had leaked out of the tank because I overfilled the tank.  The hose came off its connection right where the hose connects for filling the tank.  On a better note, the radiator was no longer leaking.  The Bar's Leaks PLT11 Pelletized Radiator Stop Leak - 11 oz. must be working.

Turning into our "home" in the Adirondacks 

Our caravan

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