Friday, September 12, 2014

Mechanical work needed

The next step - work on the engine....

Fortunately, no motor replacements needed here.  But, before we take off, we want to make sure we are not going to have a break down...we hope.  This is a Chevy 454 Big block engine which can be accessed from the front & also inside.

For maintenance, we are replacing the water pump, alternator, fan clutch, thermostat (controls the engine temperature), hoses, & belts; flushing & cleaning the radiator, and an oil change. 
Also, adding a transmission oil cooler.  The radiator had a leak when everything was put back together, so as a temporary fix, Chad put Bar's Leaks PLT11 Pelletized Radiator Stop Leak - 11 oz. in it & put Dap 08641 Clear Silicone Sealant 9.8-Ounce around the joint. 
The engine was idling high.  Chad noticed that the choke & fast idle we're stuck, so he cleaned the linkages & played with the adjustment. Now it idles around 1100 rpm. (It was 1800 rpm.)

Access to water pump & alternator

Inside engine access. (picture taken after the air cleaner was removed)

Working in the rain
Chad moved the oil fill location so we can fill it from inside - much more convenient. Also eliminated a 3 foot long pipe,
Removed the AC compressor (didn't work anymore) & bracket and other metal that's not needed, really cleans up the engine bay.
Using pulley harmonic installer to kit to install the harmonic damper.
Timing chain

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