Sunday, September 14, 2014

Heat - Just in time...

Well, it was 46 degrees this morning when we woke up.  So, we got our furnace going just in time.  It is working really good too.  It heats up really fast.  And, I had a nice warm shower this morning.

Also, our additional sewer hose arrived yesterday, just in time.  We still can't move the RV because Chad is working on it and it is all jacked up with the tire off at the moment.  But, the additional hose was just the right amount.  I decided to try dumping it by myself while Chad was gone to the store.  I followed all the directions for tightening up the new fittings, got everything hooked up, and sure enough it was dripping.  Something was wrong somewhere.  So, I removed it from the outlet twice more, tightening it up again each time.  Still dripping.  :-( Chad came home right about this time and took one look at it & saw that I had the fittings on incorrectly.  So, he fixed it.  Now there were no leaks.  I'll get everything figured out eventually....

 Chad's dad is also fixing the window awning brackets for us.

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