Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today's RV location

Today our RV life takes us to yet another location.  lol  This is our fourth spot on this property so far.  Here we have full power & wifi, but no sewer or water.  But, we don't have to go far, just about 500 ft., to sewer & water.  We moved again because the forecast is calling for snow tonight!  Can you believe it?!  In this spot we can use our electric heaters if we need to.
Today's Spot
Here is where we boondocked (a.k.a. dry camping - refers to camping without hookups) last night.  It was quite the beautiful view to wake up to this morning.

    Last night, Chad checked out the brakes and added brake fluid.  Today we took the RV for a test drive and the brakes are working fine now.  We will just have to check the fluid levels more frequently.

    And, this is interesting - we tried out our internal propane tank again today.  The burners on the stove lit.  So, we do still have propane in the big tank.  We are not exactly sure what's up with that.  So, for now, we are connected to the internal tank....will see how long it lasts.

   Today we also entertained our first guest in the RV with a cup of tea.  My cousin, who lives in the area, came by to visit.

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