Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to get rid of flies

We are constantly in and out of the RV, so we became inundated with flies.  Chad tried to go to the local Dollar store to buy a fly swatter, but they said they were not in season.  Really?!  It's definitely the season in our RV!!  Well, we had to get rid of the flies, so Chad decided to make his own fly swatter.  It is made out of cardboard, duct tape, & brake line.  The brake line is fastened to the cardboard with a zip tie.  And, it works very good!  We have no more flies!
Our hillbilly fly swatter (front)
Our hillbilly fly swatter (back)
Chad in action

I also heard a tip from a fellow Rver that spraying Windex on flies will also kill them.
Or, if you're still having trouble with flies, order a Willert Home Prod. R37 Fly Swatter.

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