Friday, October 17, 2014

New Tires

     This has been quite the busy evening in our RV life.  We are here working on a land surveying project, so we worked all day and this evening the fun began.  Chad actually went to pick up our new tires this afternoon.  Tires plural?  Yes, we ended up getting four new tires.  Well, we had our first tire blowout on the way here.  This incident reinforced the fact that we really needed to replace our spare tire.  And, then, Chad researched the two front tires and found out that they were from 1997.  So, we thought it was best to go ahead and replace them as well.  So, this evening Chad had to put the new tires on.  So, now we have a total of 4 brand new tires and 3 that we had previously purchased.

   Then, he also took a look at the brakes going to the floor.  (More about that later.)  And, it has been five days since we had hookups, so our water tank was empty.  And, our rinse & waste water tanks were full.  So, Chad filled the water tank and emptied the other tanks.

    Next, we moved to a new location.  Here we are boondocking or dry camping (without hookups).  When we got to the new location, we tried to light the hot water heater and realized that our propane tank was empty.  Our gauge shows that it is still full.  So, apparently, the gauge doesn't work.  It's a really good thing that we have an external tank!  Unfortunately, it is almost empty.  So, we will be in search of propane tomorrow.

Chad removing the tires


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