Monday, October 13, 2014

Our First Tire Blowout

Today our RV life brings us up to Groton, NY in the Finger Lakes Region.  It was a beautiful 5 hour drive here.  We even stopped at a rest area half way and made ourselves tea & coffee.  Gotta love it.  :-)  About 3/4 of the way here, a tractor trailer truck passed us that had a flat tire.  We tried to keep our distance from it, but when his tire blew, the pieces were all over the road.  So, we couldn't help running over some of the steel cords.  And, of course, 15 miles later, BOOM! one of our tires blew out.  The RV was still running fine, though.  We couldn't even tell by the way it drove.  So, we made it to our destination just fine.  Also, having a problem with the brakes going to the floor that we will need to check out. 

 Here's some pics from our trip today.  The trees were breathtakingly beautiful.  The pictures really can't do it justice.  Will share more pics later of the trees....


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