Sunday, October 12, 2014

Never be cold again

What's the secret to full time RV living during the winter time?  Do what you need to do to stay warm.  So, last night we decided to try out our brand new electric blanket that Chad's parents bought for us.  And, it's wonderful!  We each have our own controller.  So, if we ever get cold during the night we can just turn it on.  Last night, it was supposed to be around 34 degrees.  So, we didn't turn the heat on until we got up this morning.  Including the electric blanket, we had 5 blankets on the bed and we were warm and cozy all night long.  It will soon be getting much colder than this, but we should be fine.  Even if we don't have electricity for some reason, the electric blanket can run off of our inverter.  So, we should never be cold again.  :-)

Biddeford 2023-905291-500 Heated Knit Microplush Blanket, Queen, Denim

1 comment:

  1. Looooooooove my electric blanket! It's been in the teens a few times this winter in Texas. All I have is the electric blanket, one thin blankee on top, then the comforter. Never had to turn it above 5, and had to turn to 1 in the morning sometimes because I was sweating under there! :)