Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to Install an AC LED Flushmount Light Fixture in an RV

As we mentioned before, the lights in the front section of the RV on the left side didn't work, so we removed those fixtures.  But, up until now, it has been really dark in the front.  So, to solve that problem, we decided to install an AC powered flushmount LED light.  It uses 25 watts of power, so we can actually plug it into our inverter when we don't have an electricity.

Here's how to install....

We started with the existing hole in the ceiling where the previous fixture was installed.

Chad actually had to cut the hole a little bigger to allow the recess to fit the bracket.
Next, he screwed the bracket to the ceiling.

Next, he cut an electric cord from an extension cord.  (SlimLine 2235 Flat Plug Extension Cord, 2-Wire, White, 3-FootThen, he used wire nuts to attach the wires together.

The extension cord attached to the fixture wires
 Next, he mounted the fixture to the ceiling.
Last step....Plug it in.

And, VoilĂ ...We have light.

Designers Fountain LED1101-35 Halo 11-Inch LED Flushmount, Satin Platinum

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