Saturday, March 28, 2015

iRobot Roomba cleaning the RV

We had the opportunity recently to try vacuuming our RV with the iRobot Roomba Pet Series vacuum cleaner.  And, it was pretty amazing.  It can detect stairs, and it won't get caught on rug fringes.  It worked really well detecting and vacuuming our floor mat as well.  We definitely recommend it for Rvers because it will take care of all of the crevices and the iRobot is very small and compact.  It can also be set to automatically vacuum at a set time every day.

Here's a video of the iRobot in action inside our RV...

(If the video doesn't load, click here.)

Click here to see a video from the manufacturer.

There are other models out there.  Another one is the iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Floor Vac.  We would NOT recommend that one.  It eats rug fringes and also tends to get stuck on chair legs.  It's not very intelligent.


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