Sunday, January 25, 2015

Leaving the RV unattended in Winter

I have to admit, this makes me pretty nervous.  Plus, I don't like leaving the RV because I miss it.  I'd rather take it with us.  But, this time we decided not to because we will only be gone for a couple of days - headed back up to Somerville, MA near Boston for another volunteer project.

The weather is supposed to remain below freezing while we are away.  So, we really need to make sure our pipes won't freeze while we're away.  

We emptied and salted our rinse and waste tanks and filled up the fresh water tank.  It will be less likely to freeze with more water in it.  And, we are making sure the water pump is shut off.  We are leaving the furnace thermostat set at 40 degrees.  And, leaving an electric heater on low under the cabinet.  Also, we are leaving all the cabinet doors open where the water pipes run so the heat can reach them.

And, we are leaving a heat lamp shining on the water pump.

And, we left towels around in the roof leak locations just in case it leaks while we are away.

By the way, we got 4-5 more inches of snow yesterday.  Here's a few pics....

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