Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Storm Pandora in the RV

Well, winter storm Pandora has come and gone.  We were expecting to have some ice at the end of it, but it only brought snow.  We have almost 5 more inches.  This gives us a total accumulation now of bout 2 1/2 ft.  The temperature warmed up above freezing today and the sun was out, so it felt really warm.  I can't even tell you how good it felt today to have the warmer weather.  But, we must not get too comfortable because the temperature is dropping now and will be back to the single digits by tomorrow afternoon.

Chad plowed snow in his T-shirt today.  It was 34 degrees F.
This past week was another really cold week.  Chad's brother's septic froze in his mobile home.  He has skirting up and it is well-insulated underneath.  And, many other people are starting to have problems with their houses.  So, we are glad that ours is relatively easy to thaw out.  We've come up with a pretty good system now.  This week, we started using the hose pulled through the bathroom window to fill the tanks up with hot water to thaw any ice accumulation.  This past Tuesday was the worst so far.  They were almost completely frozen.  But, the hot water did the trick.  

When the lows at night are around 0F or colder, our fresh water will freeze even though we keep the thermostat for the furnace set at 60 and leave the cabinet doors open with heat blowing in.  So, we get up about an hour before the alarm goes off and turn the furnace up to 70-75.  In that hour, the water will thaw so that we can use all of our faucets when we wake up.

Some more pics before we started plowing....

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By the way, we did get a light snow from Winter Storm Octavia - but, that storm mostly hit down south.

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